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Enjoy long lasting manicured nails and toes with our selection of nail varnishes, semipermanent gel colours, and acrylic or hard gel extensions that includes a thorough consultation followed by a flawless filing, buffing and conditioning to achieve a perfect balance of healthy nails and vibrant looking polish in every visit.

Mini manicure or pedicure

Cuticle tidy, cuticle oil, hand/foot cream and polish or we can focus on specific concerns in this 30 minute service


Gel Polish

Flawless, long lasting gel polish can be added to any manicure or pedicure. the gels dry in seconds and protect the natural nail. We include cuticle work and a shape of your hands or feet when applying gels.


Gel Removal and Reapplication


Acrylic or hard gel over lay




Footlogix complete pedicure

We are proud to offer the Footlogix Medi-Pedi to provide you with a pedicure experience that has genuine lasting and proven results. This amazing pedicure treatment includes nails filed and shaped, cuticles tidied, seaweed exfoliating foot scrub, hydrating leg and foot massage and your chosen custom, gel polish or bare nails.

Existing Gel Removal


Acrylic or hard nail gel extensions


Acrylic Removal


1 Repair


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